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Conquer Cold Calling

Learn how to set appointments and sell on the phone.

✔️ Conquering the fear of cold calling

✔️ Call script

✔️ Getting past the gatekeepers

✔️ Creating an irresistible offer

Closing Clients Group

Learn how to set appointments and sell on the phone.

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Ultimate Zapier Swipefile

Learn how to automate your agency and save time

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The Vault

See 100 full cold email conersations that led to a booked meeting

✔️ The initial emails

✔️ Follow ups

✔️ How to overcome price objections

✔️ The absolute conversations between 100 cold prospects (with many more to come)

Cold Email Mastery

3,628 Freelancers & Agency Owners Used The CEM Framework To Generate Over $4,000,000

✔️ Scrape email addresses

✔️ Write irresistible cold emails

✔️ Land in the primary inbox

✔️ Automate your outreach