Go from 0-10K A Month

Closing Clients Agency Group

  • A private community coached by me to get you to $10K+/month

  • Access to fully trained VA's

  • Direct insights into what's working

  • Weekly webinars

  • Your questions answered

Closing Clients

  • Exact structure & script I use to close clients

  • How to craft it around your own offer

  • Become a confident closer

  • Close Clients

The Agency Course

  • Learn step-by-step how to start your agency

  • Learn a sellable skill

  • Exact insights into how to sell that skill to clients

Cold Email Mastery

  • Learn how to send cold emails that get responses

  • How to scrape leads to contact

  • Learn the skill to start your agency

Outbound On Autopilot

  • Everything you need to automate your agency

  • Scale to $10K+ a month

  • Automate your processes

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